A special way with words

Hello!  I know I said I was not going to be adding any more posts to this blog.  However, I am happily aware that there are folks out there using the thing as a resource in informing their own teaching of Real Spelling and Structured Word Inquiry in the Primary Grades.  So I had to share the following:

Lyn Anderson is a pioneer in this work–much more experienced as a teacher of young children, and with a longer experience of Real Spelling.  I could not admire more the intelligence and skill of her teaching.  She is methodical in ways that I rarely am, and the fruit of this energy is evident in her students.  Last summer, Lyn launched a blog of her own–high time!–and I recommend it with enthusiasm.  Lyn has a special way with children, and a special way with words, that you will find deeply inspiring.  Her blog is called beyondtheword, and it is beautifully beyond anything I’ve done.  Go!