The future of word inquiry is happening now…

A friend suggested that I post a link to my current blog, as this may give a useful look at how word inquiry can blossom or continue to expand with “slightlylargerhumans”.    Since beginning my journey with Real Spelling and Structured Word Inquiry, this is the first year I have taught any children who have seen it before.  One Grade Four student was in my Grade One class three years ago, and two or three of the Fives worked in this sphere with their Grade Three teacher.

Not to be hyperbolic, but those that were “returning” to this way of exploring the language–after wandering in the world of random lists and irregularities–leaped in as if they had come across a pool of water in a desert.  Relief and enthusiasm were both evident!  For the majority who are new to the notion that our language can be investigated scientifically, the response has been typically delightful!  So, for a glimpse of this work with bigger kids, go to

(And, as always, check out links in the sidebar to amazing teachers and students doing an amazing job of displaying their amazing work).