This blog has been a fun and fascinating experiment this year.   I have enjoyed the reflection it inspired in myself, and the conversations it inspired with colleagues and parents.  I have been amazed to note that folks have been visiting from sites around the globe:  from Zurich to Accra; from San Francisco to Kuala Lumpur.   I am gratified that many folks have been appreciative of the sharing I’ve done.  It has felt somewhat risky sharing what is obviously a work in progress. 

I will not be returning to teaching Grade One in the fall (which kind of breaks my heart, but there it is) and so I am essentially capping this blog.  However, I’ll maintain its existence as a document of my own teaching experiment at this grade level.  I welcome comments and questions (and challenges). 

Thank you to the families who allowed me to share something of their children’s experience in the last year.  And, of course, thank you to the children who, brave knights that they were and are, made any of it possible with their energy and enthusiasm.


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